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Karen Ford

Excellent, special, a real treat! Mobile Massage has a healing touch, plus my back pain feels sooo much better and her spa creates a beautiful and peaceful environment. Highly recommend.

R. Shaun Gause

I had a phenomenal experience at Mobile Massage For the first time, I tried reiki followed by a massage. I did not know what to expect with reiki, but I am now a believer. I felt the energy moving in my body which gave me total relaxation. Once I started my massage, I literally felt as if I had been transported to another place. That’s how relaxing this was for me. Afterwards, my mind body and spirit felt in sync.

Gregory Sampson

I’ve known Mobile Massage for years – but I finally took the plunge to try out massage therapy after a 20+ year hiatus. With a lot of scars and damage to my body from a car accident, I frankly wasn’t comfortable with it but decided to do it – and I have ZERO regrets. It was amazing. I’m now a client and plan to incorporate this therapy into my self-care routine.

Silburn Palmer

First time to this place and I must say Mobile Massage are awesome. I was having a lower back pain a few days before going in. After the procedure, I walked out completely painless. Mobile Massage teams are very knowledgeable about everything. I will be going for sure.